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Top 8 Must Have Apps for Optimizing Your Android

Nov 13, 2015 15:55 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Are you still feeling crazy over the slow performance of your Android phones? Are you just planning to buy a brand-new Android phone to replace your old Android phone? Well, before making any decision on your old Android phone, just read through this passage, and get the useful applications to optimize your Android phone to the best. After that, you can decide to continue using your Android phone or buy a new phone?

In the following part, we will introduce several powerful applications to help optimize your Android phones and turn on its best performance in different aspects. And now let's see these magical applications one by one:

1. Easy Battery Saver

This app is designed for Android phones to save more battery life when they are using their Android phones. Using this application allows Android users to make battery life impeccable and help attain the power to remain awake. According to reviews of Android mobile users, most users complain that the battery life of Android phone drains too soon. Well, with this application, you can save battery to a large extent. When you are not using a certain software, this application save much battery by stop operating the software on your Android phone.

2. ROM Manager

If you have rooted your Android phones, then this is a must-have application you should to optimize your Android phone. With this application, you can better boost the performance of your Android phones. As an important and powerful application, this ROM manager allows all Android users to keep changing ROMS and this application also allows them to backup their existing ROMS. By the way, here is a guide on the top 5 Android custom ROMs.

3. Apps Organizer

This application is released to help Android users to better manage their Android apps. With this application, you can organize your contacts, bookmarks and more applications in your Android phone. Even more, you are allowed to use this application to create shortcuts for application as you wanted and needed. Then it will be much easier for you to open the applications next time.

4. Speedtest.net

With Speedtest.net, you are able to test your internet speed when you are surfing on the internet. This is necessary when it comes to download some files from Android phones. Moreover, if your internet speed is slow, you can also rely on this application to speed up your Android device. As a strongly recommended application in the mobile market, you can use this software to gain the efficient results in least span time.

5. Gmote 2.0

As a powerful Android application, it allows you to manage and control your computer’s media player through your Android device. Your device gets changed into remote control which in turn controls your computer’s media player on the go. This also works on a Wi-Fi connection.

6. WiFi Analyzer

Judging from the the name, it can be inferred that this application is helpful to Wifi users. After opening this application on your Android phone, this application will automatically detect and analyze the nearby surroundings for the Wi-Fi hot spots your device is able to share. Then you can connect your Android phone to the internet via the Wi-Fi and freely enjoy watching movies and videos without costing any cent!

7. File Expert

This is a powerful Android application widely used by more and more Android users. This application allows you to manage all your data present on Android device. This powerful application can not only serve as your best file manager to manage Android files in order, but also act as a Wi-Fi network sharer allowing you to share your files on Wi-Fi. With this almighty application, you can be the absolute controller over your Android device.

8. GO SMS Pro

This Android application brings to you the most convenient way of SMS or MMS. This application offers you the easiest way to chat with any contacts in your Android phone. You are free to send messages or MMS to your friends and families in a high speed. Having this application at your hand will definitely be a wonderful experience for all Android users.

Write in The End:

All the applications mentioned in the above are suggested for your trying, but you can also rely on a single software to optimize your Android phone to the best - Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager, which can be helpful for you to manage Android files in good order. Then you can speed up your Android phone to the greatest extent. The biggest shining point of this software lies in that it is compatible with all types of Android phones. Below is the free trial version of this software!



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