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What's the Best Alternative to Samsung Smart Switch?

Jan. 6, 2016 09:50 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Samsung Smart Switch is an easy-to-use yet free software for users to transfer files from other smart phones to Samsung devices. This software allows you to freely share any files including personal data like contacts and messages, media files, apps and so on between one phone and Samsung device. Smart Switch provides you the easiest, fastest and safest way to transfer data from your old to new Galaxy smart phone. Also, this Smart Switch software can recommend some highly-ranked applications which can perfectly suit your Samsung device. Till now, want to say this software is exactly the perfect one you are looking for to sync between two phones? Apparently, you are WRONG! To freely switch from one phone to another, you absolutely need a better transfer tool - Samsung Smart Switch Alternative.

Valid Reasons to Choose Samsung Smart Switch Alternative:

On one hand, Samsung Smart Switch can only allow user to transfer files from other smart phones to Samsung phone. In other words, if you want to share files from Samsung phone to other mobile phones, it will fail to work. So if you are planning using this software to sync the photos taken on your friend's birthday party to his iPhone 6S, I'm afraid you will get disappointed. On the other hand, speaking of the app recommendations feature, it is only available in US. I believe the two major weak points mentioned in the above suffice to convince you of looking for a better file transfer assistant! And this Samsung Smart Switch Alternative mainly excels in:

> It allows users to freely share files between Samsung phone and other phones. You can not only transfer files from other smart phone to Samsung, but also sync data from Samsung to other phones.

> All types of files are supported by this software. You can freely share contacts, messages, music songs, videos, apps and etc. between two mobile phones.

> This software is perfectly compatible with all generation of iPhone and Android phones. Other systems like Windows, Blackberry, Symbian will soon be supported.

> It offers more than simple file transfer between two phones. This software also allows you to back up your phone in case of sudden data losses.

> This software offers users a simple interface. You can easily and safely share any files between two different phones within a few simple clicks.

Whether you want to share file between Samsung phones, sync files between Samsung and HTC or switch from Android to iPhone, this Samsung Smart Switch Alternative is sure to be your best choice! Now, why not get the free trial version of this software and give it a try by yourself?

FoneTransfer for Mac

FoneTransfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

Instructions on Using this Samsung Smart Switch Alternative

Step 1. After downloading the right version of this software, open it on the computer. Then connect your two phones to the computer via the USB cords. Then you will see the below interface. Choose the option of Phone to Phone Transfer mode and then hit Start option to continue.

Step 2. In this step, this software will automatically detect and connect your two mobile phones. You will see all file folders are arranged on the top panel. Now, you are free to enter the tab to preview the detailed files in the below window. Then, just choose the files you want to transfer from one phone to another and hit the corresponding arrow direction to begin the file transfer. On the pop-up window, remember to click OK option to confirm your action.

Quite easy, right? Want to have a try? Just go ahead! This software will not let you down!

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