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How to Transfer Apps Between Samsung Galaxy Phone

July 20, 2014 15:56 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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One of the major factors that makes smart phone becomes more and more practical and essential is that we can install various apps on our phone. With those apps, we can check the news, play games, log onto social networking tools, watch TV shows, and shop online, etc. To some extent, smart phone is able to take the place of computer partly. On the market, some apps are free, while others are not. If you don’t want to purchase the same app twice after buying a new Samsung Galaxy phone, you can transfer apps from your old Samsung Galaxy smart phone to the new one with App Transfer software.

This Vibosoft FoneTransfer(Mac) is exactly the most efficient tool to help export apps between Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/Note 2/Note 3. In fact, if you need to share more files between Samsung phones for some reasons, this program can be always useful. And it supports to transfer apps, photos, music, videos, contacts, etc between your smart phones with only a few clicks.

If you don’t want to download or buy the same app on another Samsung phone, this software could be your best choice to transfer apps with ease. Them some users may ask: if I need to export apps from Samsung Galaxy to other phones, like iPhone or other Android devices, can this software be still helpful? The answer is absolutely yes. In fact, this Mobile Transfer program can be compatible with all smart phone OS, such as iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, etc. Thus, you can share the whole files among all smart phones with this software.

Now you can download the free trial version and follow the next guide to try this software by yourself.

FoneTransfer for Mac

FoneTransfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

User Guide: Share Apps Between Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/Note 2/Note 3

1Work this Program on Computer

After installing and operating this Mobile Transfer software on your computer, please connect your both Samsung Galaxy smart phones to computer via USB. Soon this software will start to detect your Samsung phones. Then you will see the below interface. Choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode directly.

2Preview and Ready to Export Apps

After detecting your phones, it will start to scan the whole files on them. Soon you will get a menu as shown. Now you can preview apps on the specific Samsung device. After that, you can mark the needed apps at will. Then click the corresponding direction icon to continue. On the pop-up window, click the "OK" option to continue.

At last, just with one hit on "Start Copy", you can achieve to transfer apps between Samsung Galaxy within seconds.

Write in the End:

As I've mentioned before, this Vibosoft FoneTransfer(Mac) can be suitable to all smart phone operating systems. Then if you want to share files between Android and Android, Android and iPhone, iPhone and Symbian, etc, this program could be your first choice.

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