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Tips to Recover Data from Water-damaged Android

Nov 07, 2016 16:19 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Help! My Android phone fell into water by accident. And after I dry it, it seemingly run normally. However, the worst thing is that all the saved contacts are lost. What can I do to get them back? Is that possible? I'd really appreciate it if anyone could give me some practical advice! Really thanks!

When you accidentally left your device into water, the first thing you should do is to power off your device and dry it. Also, you are advised then to plug out the battery and dry it as well as your device with a hairdryer. And when you find certain files are lost as mentioned in the above case, don't panic! Just fully rely on this Vibosoft Android Data Recovery.

Why should I Rely on This Software?

As a professional data recovery software for Android phones and tablets, this software allows you to easily recover any files from a water-damaged Android, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, documents and many more. Also, with this software, you can always recover data from Android device no matter it is water-damaged, broken or rooted. A few simple clicks will effortlessly bring back all the lost files from your Android device. Best of all, this software can fully support all devices of Android OS, including Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola and many more.


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Below are the Windows and Mac versions for your trying:

DR. Mobile for Android

DR. Mobile for Android is professional data recovery software. It allows you to recover lost/ deleted files on Android smart phones and tablets.

User Guide: Recover Data from Water Damaged Android

Step 1. After opening the installed software on the computer, get your Android phone connected to the computer via the USB cord. Then this software will detect your device and scan for all file folders saved on your Android phone.

Note: Before performing data recovery from Android, you need to root your Android phone first.

Step 2. Then you can enter the right file tab on the left panel to preview more detailed file information. While previewing, select the wanted files by ticking them out. And finally, hit the Recover option to recover data from water-damaged Android device.

Just let this powerful Vibosoft Android Data Recovery software to rescue your water-damaged Android device!

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