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How to Recover Deleted Files from Broken Android Phone

July 17, 2014 09:51 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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My Samsung Galaxy S4 was broken, and then all files on it have been deleted. Unluckily, I haven’t developed a habit of backing up my phone periodically. Now I just want to get those vital phone numbers and messages back, can you help me?

As you know, we can not only store contacts and text messages on phone’s internal memory, but also save them to the SIM card. While, as the storage space of SIM card is pretty small, people are likely to save most contacts and messages on their mobile phone. Thus, if users get Android phone broken or dead by accident, they will lose the majority of their precious contacts and SMS. While, keeping a backup on other devices can help users totally get rid of suffering from losing data from broken Android smart phone. But obviously, most people have been unaware of the importance of backing up Android data until they lose them due to various reasons. Under these circumstances, an effective recovery tool is required.

Undoubtedly, lots of factors may lead to the data loss from Android mobile phone. Many people have lost Android files because of improper operations, while others may lose them owing to broken or dead device. No matter how you lose your Android data, this Vibosoft Android Data Recovery can be helpful as long as your Android phone can be switched on. By running this software on your computer, it will deeply scan your Android device. Then all deleted contacts and text messages can be detected and displayed with details. By the way, if there are still existing some phone numbers or messages on your Android smart phone, they will be arranged on the menu as well. After that, this software allows you to recover all data to computer in a batch. If necessary, you can keep them as a backup on PC in case of losing them once again.

Now you can download the free trial version here. By the way, in order to successfully run this program on computer to restore lost data, you should root your Android phone.

DR. Mobile for Android

DR. Mobile for Android is professional data recovery software. It allows you to recover lost/ deleted files on Android smart phones and tablets.

Guide: Android Data Recovery - Retrieve Lost Data from Dead Android Phone

1Launch this Software, Connect Android Phone to PC

First of all, download and install this Android Data Recovery software on computer. Then operate it and connect your Android smart phone to computer via a USB cable. Soon this program will start to detect your Android device. If fails, you can check the tips on the menu to debug settings.

2Preview and Recover Android Data

After detecting your Android smart phone, this program will automatically scan it. A few seconds later, your contacts and messages will be displayed on the menu. Now you can preview and restore them as you want. As it can also list those existing files on the panel, you can just pick out your deleted data to retrieve. Otherwise, you are able to mark all of them with one click. At last, hit the "Recovery" button, your lost contacts or SMS messages can be restored immediately.

Write in the End

In order to completely get the entire lost files back, you should stop adding new data to your Android phone before working this Vibosoft Android Data Recovery software. In addition, this program can be perfectly compatible with all Android phones, including Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, etc. Just have a try, it won't let you down.

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