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Manage Motorola Phone with Motorola PC Suite Alternative

Mar 12, 2014 09:36 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Which program do you use to manage your Motorola phone on computer? If you are a fan of Motorola, you must have heard or downloaded a Motorola Phone Tools, which is an official management software to help Motorola mobile phone users control their device on computer. However, plenty of users have complained that this Motorola Phone Tools often fails to detect their phone, then this tool is almost out of use. So what should Motorola phone users do if they want to backup contacts or manage files on PC? Although there are numerous management tools on the market, it is a little difficult to seek out the most effective and efficient one. Under these circumstances, I'd like to recommend you this Vibosoft Motorola PC Suite Alternative.

As the best alternative to Motorola Phone Tools, this program gives you access to the whole data of your Motorola phone. This kind of tool is necessary because not all files can be read directly after connecting your phone to PC via USB. For example, we often save contacts on our mobile phone memory or SIM card instead of writing them down on a telephone book nowadays, but our data on the internal memory and SIM card are forbidden to be accessed unless we turn to an assistant program. So in order to keep a backup of those precious files on computer before it's too late, this Vibosoft Motorola PC Suite Alternative can be worked as a right backup tool.

In addition, this program is absolutely a great management software. As mobile phone and computer have become the two essential equipments for our daily life, it will be quite convenient if we can directly manage our Motorola phone when surfing the Internet on the computer. Now with this alternative to Motorola Phone Tools, you are able to preview, add, delete and edit Motorola files on computer without any limitation. And if you find an interesting app online, you can directly download and install it on PC. What's more, this program also enables you to send text messages to any phone number on computer without unlocking your Motorola phone.

This software is indeed functional, right? Now just download a free trial version on your computer and try it by yourself, then you will find that this program is completely effective.

You can Get the Free Trial Here:

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

Guide: How to Control Motorola Phones on Computer with an Alternative

1Open the Program and Link Motorola to PC

Firstly, download and install the right version of the alternative on your computer, and then double click to operate it. In order to get your Motorola phone detected by the program successfully, you should link your mobile phone to computer via USB first, and then enable USB debugging on your cell phone.

Install the program

2Install USB Driver and Scan Motorola Phone Data

After opening USB debugging, please choose "USB debugging opened" and touch "Next". Then the program will identify your Motorola phone soon, and automatically install USB driver on your computer. After that, it will start to scan your mobile phone data deeply, and a few minutes later you will see a menu as following.

main panel

3Manage Motorola Phone at Will

You can see that all files of your mobile phone are displayed on the panel, and they are available for you to preview and edit as you want. Take the contacts as an example. Press "Contacts" and "All contacts", you will get the whole contacts shown with details. In front of the contacts list, there are several options for you. Click "New", "Delete", "Modify" or "Backup", you can achieve to add, delete, edit and backup contacts on computer immediately. In addition, you can also get a "Send" icon, hit it, you are able to edit SMS and send it to any one as needed. In this way, you can completely manage your Motorola phone on computer.

Write in the End:

What do you think about this Vibosoft Motorola PC Suite Alternative? With only a few clicks, you are able to preview and manage the whole files of your Motorola mobile phone. What's more, this program can be operated as the best management tool to all Android phones, which means that no matter you own a Motorola phone or any smart phone, as long as it uses Android operating system, the software can be always useful. What are you waiting for? Just download and try the best assistant by yourself.

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