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How to Wipe All Personal Data from Android Phone

Nov 18, 2012 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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What if you are about to sell your Android phone and get a new one? First concern that comes to your mind would be how to remove all your personal content from your Android phone before giving it to anyone else. Even though there are a number of ways to lock your SD card or encrypt data, people who want to harm someone would eventually find a way to access your data from an Android phone. I’m sure none of you sell your phone without removing personal data, text messages, contacts, photos etc.

Few months ago, I took a fancy to a new smart phone. The fashionable appearance, clear screen and high pixel made me lose my heart to it at my first sight. I was so excited that I bought it at once without any hesitation. After taking this new member to my house, a strong bad feeling immediately come to my mind: How should I do with my old android mobile?It’s almost new and I had just used it for just less than three months! But anxiety was of no help, it just happened, indeed. To end such situation, I decided to resell my old android. I wiped all my text messages, contacts, music, photos, videos and other files and software from it before I back them up on my personal computer. For the sake of absolute security, I took some special measures to have it reset back to the factory default setting. After what needed to be done, I began my reselling on eBay. Several days later, a potential buyer showed great interest in my android and we began to discuss the details. And it ended with my android being sold out successfully.

So lucky I am? No! It’s just the beginning of the misfortune! Although I wipe all of the data off my android, the buyer could still obtain all my information including my personal content! A great number of people have the prevalent misconception in their minds that as long as we erase the data from our phones, the information would clear away in depth. In fact, it’s not the truth. We may fail to figure out the fact that why it still exists by some recovery software after being erased. But it is the case indeed.

Is there no way to change the unpleasant situation? No, you don’t have to be so upset. After all the science and technology is becoming more and more developed. Android data eraser is a professional and powerful tool to have your android data completely disappeared and whatever you do and however you cope with it, the data would no longer appear. Sounds so amazing and unbelievable? Yearning to have a try? I must say, as long as you experience the benefits it brings to you, you won’t look down upon it!

Android Data Eraser

Android Data Eraser is a professional tool to help you permanently erase the whole data from Android devices before you sell, recycle or donate it.

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