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How to Transfer Photos Between Samsung and iPhone/iPad

Aug 13,2014 09:58 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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I always used my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to take pictures before I purchased the latest iPhone 5S. Now I decide to give old Samsung phone to my mum. And before that, I want to transfer those precious photos from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone. Do you know how to achieve that in a simple way?

Generally speaking, if you want to export pictures from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone or iPad, you should copy Samsung photos to computer first. Then you can synchronize them to your iPhone/iPad via iTunes. To be honest, this method is too troublesome. Is there any way can help users directly transfer photos between Samsung Galaxy S/3/S4/S5/Note 2/Note 3 and iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S or iPad Air/Mini/2/1/New iPad? The answer is absolutely yes.

Why Should We Choose this Program?

In this page, my recommendation is Vibosoft Mobile Transfer software , which has been widely regarded as the most effective tool to help export pictures, videos, music and other files between Samsung smart phone and iPhone/iPad. By operating this software, you are able to copy photos from your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to iPhone 5S without the help of iTunes. After connecting your mobile phones to computer via USB, the whole photos, videos, call logs, contacts, music, etc. on your devices will be scanned and arranged into different folders. Then you can freely share them between your smart phones as you like. By the way, you are allowed to adjust the position of your two phones on the menu, so as to successfully transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone/iPad, or vice versa.

Apart from the above features, this Mobile Transfer can be compatible with all smart phones actually. In other words, it can not only help you transfer photos between Samsung and iPhone/iPad, but also allows you to share all files among Android phones, iOS devices, Symbian mobile phones and BlackBerry at will. Of course, it only supports to copy files between two devices at the meantime.

Here we provide you with the free trial version. Now you can download one to learn how to save Samsung pictures to iPhone S5 with simple steps.

Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

User Guide: How to Copy Images Between Samsung Galaxy and iPhone/iPad

1Launch this Software on Computer

First of all, download, install and operate this Mobile Transfer program on computer. Then you should connect both of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5S to PC via USB. Soon this software will start to detect your mobile phones. Now you can get a menu as pictured:

2Scan Photos on your Samsung Phone

After detecting your Samsung mobile phone, you can choose to share photos, videos, call logs, contacts or any file between Samsung phone and iPhone. If you want to copy Samsung pictures to iPhone, you should select "Photos" and mark sure your devices are in the right position. Otherwise, you may mistakenly export images from your iPhone to Samsung Galaxy.

At last, you just need to touch the "Start Copy" option, you will get all Samsung photos to your iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S within seconds.

Write in the End:

As I've mentioned before, this Vibosoft Mobile Transfer software can be suitable to transfer all files between smart phones. If you want to copy videos, music, contacts, text messages, call logs and other files among your Android, Symbian, iPhone or BlackBerry mobile phones, just download the free trial version and then act as the similar steps to achieve that with ease.

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