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Learn How to Transfer Sony Ecrisson Music to iPhone 6S

Sept. 22, 2015 11:40 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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The newest iPhone 6S has attracted the majority of mobile users, especially Apple fans. Maybe some people have already planned to buy an iPhone 6S before it came out. Now, it is finally available in the mobile market. But, after you buy an new iPhone, what will you do with your old Sony Ecrisson? Permanently delete Sony Ecrisson datato sell it? That's a good idea! But shouldn't you transfer important files from your old Sony Ecrisson to iPhone first? For example, you should copy your favorite music songs from your Sony Ecrisson to iPhone 6S, so you don't need to waste money to download the same music songs once again.

When it comes to transfer music, you may think about using the USB cord. But things are not that easy. Transferring music from Sony Ecrisson to iPhone 6S by means of USB cord is pretty troublesome. First, you have to connect your Sony Ecrisson to the computer and then copy the music songs to the computer one by one. After that, you need to link your iPhone 6S to the computer and transfer the music songs on the computer to the iPhone 6S. Before that, you have to make sure that you have installed iTunes on your iPhone 6S. You have to repeat the similar steps again and again. Most importantly, if you want to transfer thousands of music songs, using the USB cord may cost you a full day! Therefore, it is necessary for you to try a more efficient way! In terms of the most efficient way to share music songs from Sony Ecrisson to iPhone. There are two possible ways for your reference.

Way 1: Using Move to iOS

Move to iOS is officially released by the Apple company. This software enables you to transfer any files from Android phones to iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. The following are the detailed steps on using this software:

Step 1. Download Move to iOS on your Android phone.

Step2. Open this software on your Android device.

Step 3. Enter the App&Data screen and tap "Move Data from Android" on your iPhone. You will see a code on your iPhone 6S. Then use the code to enter your Android device and wait for the Transfer Data screen to appear on your Android phone.

Step 4. Now, choose contents on your Android device and start file transfer. Then just wait for the process to complete. You will see the below interface.

However, you can't use this software to transfer files from iPhone 6S to Sony Ecrisson and this software only supports Android Version 4.0 or later. So if you want to freely sync music songs and other files between iPhone and Sony Ecrisson and be the real master of your mobile phone. You had better try this powerful and functional software - Vibosoft Mobile Transfer.

Way 2: Using Vibosoft Mobile Transfer

Vibosoft Mobile Transfer is specially designed for mobile users to transfer files between two phones running different systems without any limitations. With this software, you are able to easily and quickly transfer music songs between all Android phones and iOS devices without any restrictions. This software is 100% safe and clean without bringing any virus infection. Now, you can get the free trial version of this software and give it a try by yourself! It won't let you down! Now, let's learn how to use this software to freely transfer music songs between Sony Ecrisson and iPhone.

FoneTransfer for Mac

FoneTransfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

User Guide: Copy Music between Sony Ecrisson and iPhone 6S

1Connect Sony Ecrisson, iPhone 6S to Computer

First, install and open this software on the computer. Then connect your Sony Ecrisson and iPhone 6S to the computer. After that, choose the mode of Phone to Phone Transfer to continue.

(Tips: In order to make sure that this program will successfully detect your iPhone, please install iTunes on your computer beforehand.)

2Transfer Music between Sony Ecrisson and iPhone

Now, you can enter Music tab to choose the music songs you want to transfer between Sony Ecrisson and iPhone. Finally, click on the corresponding arrow direction to start the file transfer process.

Write in the End:

This software is quite easy to operate, isn't it? With this software, sharing music songs and other files between Sony Ecrisson and iPhone is just a piece of cake. After transferring your important data from your old Sony Ecrisson to the newest iPhone 6S, you can truly enjoy your iPhone and give your old phone away without any concerns!

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