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Simple Way to Transfer Files Between HTC and Computer

Sept 06, 2015 14:00 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Nowadays, the technological development have advanced HTC mobile phones in every aspect. You can make calls and text messages at any time; you can make videos and take pictures as you wanted; you can watch movies or listen to music on your mobile phone whenever you want. Despite the fact that HTC mobile phone can bring inconsiderable convenience in our daily life. But for better experience, you had better transfer files between HTC and computer as a backup.

Reasons for Backing up HTC Files to Computer

Generally speaking, there are two main reasons why I recommend transferring files from your HTC to computer.

Reason 1: Minimize loss in case of HTC data loss

Just as the old saying goes "A storm may arise from the clear sky.", no one can be 100% sure that the important files stored in the HTC mobile phone won't be lost all of a sudden. But you can take precautions against such potential danger, i.e. backing up your vital HTC files to computer. So even if unfortunately you lose your files, you just need to transfer files from computer to your HTC mobile phone.

Reason 2: Speed up your HTC mobile phone

After backing up all files to computer, you can delete some files in your mobile phone. This will create more storage space in your mobile phone and speed up your mobile device.

Best Tool to Transfer HTC Files to Computer

As to transferring HTC files to computer, it is highly suggested to rely on Vibosoft HTC Mobile Manager to help you. With this software, you can easily transfer contacts and messages from your HTC mobile phone to computer, which can't be easily accessed without the help of a third-party software. Also, you can send messages to more than one contacts at one time directly on the computer. This software can also transfer other files from HTC to computer, including detailed information. For example, if you decide to export some music from your HTC to computer, this program will automatically scan all music songs in the mobile phone and show them as well as the detailed information such as title, format and so on. With this software, you are able to transfer a large quantity of files in a short time. This software enables you to export files from HTC mobile phone to computer in a batch. With this software, you are free to manage and modify files directly on computer. Most importantly, this software is 100% clean without bringing any infection viruses. There is no need for you to worry about the dysfunction of HTC mobile device after files transfer.

More features can be digged out only when you try this software by yourself. Here, you can get the free trial version of this software to see whether it is the right tool for you! By no means will it let you down!

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

Export Files from HTC One/Evo/Desire/Inspire/Wildfire/HD2/Hero to Computer

1Link Your HTC Phone to Computer

First, download and install this software on the computer. Then link your HTC phone to computer via its USB cord. Before that, you had better follow the steps to enable USB debugging so as to make sure that this program will detect your mobile phone.

Install the program

2Ready to Transfer HTC Files to Computer

Once this software detects your mobile phone, it will show the below interface on the computer.

main panel

Suppose you want to transfer some precious photos from HTC to computer. First, press the "Photo" option on the panel to choose the photos that you want to export to computer.Then just hit the "Export" button to transfer the wanted photos from HTC to computer. As to other files, just follow the similar steps.

Write in the End:

Vibosoft HTC Mobile Manager is indeed a functional and powerful assistant tool to manage your HTC mobile phone. This software is compatible with all Android mobile phones. Therefore, as long as you are using Android mobile phones, this software is suitable to your mobile phone once and for all. At this moment, don't hesitate to try this amazing software!

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