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Safely & Easily Recover Deleted Videos from Motorola Phone

Sept 09, 2015 14:23 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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I’m a big fan of Motorola mobile phone. I love using Motorola phone to make special videos. For example, when our big families reunite in a house, I like shooting some videos to memorize the reunion moments; when my family goes out for traveling, I love making some videos to remember the picturesque and poetic scenery; when my child was born, I just have a craze over making videos to record the footprints of his growth. I have stored so many videos. But unfortunately, last night, my son mistakenly deleted some important videos in my phone. Is there any way to get them back from my Motorola phone? Thanks a lot!

People may lose their videos stored in Motorola or other Android phones for sorts of reasons. They may lose videos due to mistaken deletion as mentioned above; they may lose their precious videos because they accidentally reset their phone to factory setting without a backup. So many potential reasons may lead to the file loss from your phone. Once prevention measures have not been well-prepared. Then it is quite necessary for you to take redeems to restore the lost videos. To successfully get your lost videos back, you have to find a reliable recovery tool to help you!

Which Recovery Tool Should I Choose?

There are an ocean of recovery tools in the mobile market for your reference. But when it comes to the most powerful and practical software, Vibosoft Motorola Videos Recovery certainly comes to my recommendation. This software is specially designed for Motorola users and other Android mobile users to get back their lost videos in case of data loss. With this software, you can retrieve your lost videos within a few simple clicks, no matter you lose these videos because of improper handling, device failure and so on. With this software, you can also restore other files such as contacts and messages to your Motorola phone if they are lost by accident. Moreover, this software is compatible with all Android mobile phones. As long as your mobile phone is running the Android version, you can always rely on this software as your best recovery tool.

Feel excited now? Heartbeat is not as good as action! Just click the below button to get the free trial version of this software and give it a shot! It won't let you down!

DR. Mobile for Android

DR. Mobile for Android is professional data recovery software. It allows you to recover lost/ deleted files on Android smart phones and tablets.

Detailed Guide on Retrieving Deleted Videos from Motorola Phone

1Connect Your Motorola to Computer

Make sure that you have downloaded the right version of this software and then open it on the computer with double clicks. Then you will see the below interface and follow the steps to connect your Motorola phone to computer. Then this program will automatically detect your Motorola phone.

Note: To successfully get your deleted videos back from Motorola phone, it is suggested to root your Motorola phone first.

2Restore Lost Videos from Motorola Phone

Now you can see that all deleted videos are displayed in the below interface. You can freely preview them and choose those that you want restore to your Motorola phone. At last, just hit the "Recover" button to get all lost videos back to your mobile phone.

Write in the End

As to other lost files such as messages, music and etc, you can follow the similar way to restore them to your mobile phone. Now, just get the free trial version of Vibosoft Motorola Videos Recovery and restore the precious videos, please pay attention to the two versions of this software. Choose Windows or Mac version according to your needs!

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