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Learn How to Freely Watch Videos on LG Phones

March 03, 2016 14:00 pm / Posted by Fitch to Android Phone Topics
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Want to shoot a video to record the special moments on your graduation ceremony? Just take out your LG phones and go to Camera tool! Now, LG phones as well as other mobile devices are more than a simple device which aims at connecting people through call-dialing or message-texting. Instead, mobile device is now a product integrating multiple functions, among which the in-built Camera seems to be an essential part. To shoot a video is just a matter of taking out device and opening Camera, but sometimes to save them you may face some problems such as storage capacity issue which lead to the inability to watch videos on LG phones at ease, since the internal memory of LG phones are quite limited. Here, you can insert a SD card to your LG device and then save videos to LG SD card, so as to freely watch videos directly on LG phones as you wanted and needed! Then you absolutely can't miss this Vibosoft LG Mobile Manager.

Learn More about Vibosoft LG Mobile Manager:

> With this software, you are free to save LG videos to the external SD card. So you are free to watch videos directly on your LG device at any time.

> This software also allows you to transfer videos from LG phones to the computer, no matter they are stored in the internal memory or in the external SD card and save them as a backup if needed and wanted.

> Aside from saving videos to LG SD card or to the computer, you are also able to import videos to LG phones as wanted, so you don't need to waste extra money to download the videos.

> This software can support more than video files. Other types of files like contacts, messages, music songs, videos, apps can all be fully compatible.

> This software is able to share the maximum amounts of files between your LG phone and computer with the minimum efforts and time.

Want to freely watch the home-made videos taken on your graduation ceremony or on a Christmas party directly on your LG phone? Want to enjoy the music videos of your favorite singer directly on your LG phone at ease? Then you really need to get this software and sync videos to the SD card or import videos from computer to your device! Below is the free trial versions of this software!

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

Steps to Freely Watch Videos on LG Phone

First of all, open the installed software on the computer and then get your LG phone connected to the computer. Then you might see the below interface. Just follow the steps to enable USB debugging on your LG phone.

Install the program

After that, this software will detect your LG device and show the below interface where all file folders are arranged on the left panel. Just enter the Videos tab to continue.

main panel

You will see the detailed videos information on the right window. Now, you can choose the wanted videos, click on Export option and then choose the SD card as the output location to save the wanted videos to LG SD card. If you want to import videos to your LG device, just click on the Add option and then choose the videos you want to copy to LG phone as you wanted.

Easy, right? You can save interesting videos to LG SD card or simply import from the computer within simple steps. Now, you are totally free to watch and enjoy any videos directly on your LG devices without any restrictions. By the way, this Vibosoft LG Mobile Manager can be your lifelong manager as long as you are using Android-driven devices!

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