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Best Cleaning Apps for Android Phones

Dec. 28, 2015 10:30 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Nowadays, mobile phones are becoming an essential part in our daily life. We rely on Android phones to connect with our families and friends, memorize and record the special moments by taking photos or shooting videos, enjoy ourselves by listening to lyrical music songs or watching interesting movies. But one thing you can't deny is that the longer you use your Android phone, the slower your Android phone will run.

As to the reasons why your Android phone is running slower and slower, partially that's due to the accumulated junk files in your Android phone. When downloading files like music, photos, apps to your Android phone, or simply running Android apps, the corresponding cache files will be created at the same time. With time passing by, more and more junk files will be saved on your Android phones, thus resulting the worse performance of your Android phones. Today, this passage will tell you several useful applications to clean up Android phones. Now, just get these applications one by one:

1. Clean Master

As is widely recognized as the best Android optimizer, this Clean Master application includes almost every Android cleaning task. With this application, you are able to clear all caches like system caches, browsing history apk files and etc. from your Android phones in one click. Moreover, this application is also able to clean up all residual files when you uninstall any application on your Android phones. Most importantly, this application enables you to autokill the unwanted files from your Android phones as long as you make the settings.

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2. App Cache Cleaner

This App Cache Cleaner offers the simplest interface to powerfully clean up all unwanted files from your Android phones especially App caches, so as to free up more space on your Android phones. Moreover, this application is able to sort the apps by the size of their caches or by their names. You are free to prioritize your Android phones in both ascending and descending order as you wanted and needed. Also, like the Clean Master mentioned in the above, this application also allows you to set up your Android phone so as to automatically clear the cache files at regular times as instructed.

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The two applications are most trusted Android apps for cleaning Android phones thoroughly and completely. Apart from the Apps mentioned in the above, you can also have a try of other applications listed as below.

3. 1 Tap Cleaner

Judging from its name, it may be inferred that you can do everything you needed to clean up junk files from Android phones in one click. Unfortunately, one click is not enough to clear useless files from your Android phones. However, this software is able to clear your phone calls history, SMS and browsing history and other app caches from your Android phone in an east yet efficient way.

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4. Quick App Manager

To speed up your Android phones, simply clearing trash files from the onboard storage absolutely is not enough. This application is able to clean up unnecessary cache files and various history files from Android phones, and to automatically end the apps hoarded on the internal drive and running in the background. This application is able to optimize your Android phones to the best.

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5. CacheCleaner NG

With CacheCleaner application, you are allowed to remove all the caches from the internal memory and SD card from your Android phones. You can selectively or wholly remove unwanted cache files from your Android phones within a few simple clicks. Additionally, you can prevent any pps from being closed like Google Maps, which requires the cache data for offline use and even set up a timely schedule for cleanups.But one thing worth your attention is that this application only works on rooted Android devices.

Click Here to Download CacheCleaner NG >>>

Write in the End:

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