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Get Rid of Android Stuck in System Recovery Mode

Jan 15, 2016 17:15 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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There is no doubt that Android phones have penetrated in people's daily life, ranging from the basic function of connecting with people to the advanced functions of entertaining yourself through various channels. However, sometimes when something unexpected falls on your Android phone, you may feel completely lost and may say that "My life is totally in a mess!" For example, if you can't turn your Android phone on properly, or if you have any problems with navigating or accessing the settings on your Android device, you will need perform an Android system recovery to hard reset an android phone without having to access the phones settings. Now, let's see how to put your Android phone in system recovery mode and how to get rid of it if stuck in!

Part 1: How to Get in Android System Recovery Mode

First of all, press the Power button and then choose Power Off in the pop-up window. If your Android phone is unresponsive, you can keep holding the power key for several seconds until the device is completely turned off.

Secondly, hold down the Power and Volume button at the same time. Then you will see a Start option at the top right corner of your Android screen.

Thirdly, press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys and use Power key to select menu options. Then press Volume Down key twice until you see the Recovery Mode on the top of the screen. Then click the Start option.

Fourthly, now you will see an Android logo as well as the words "No Command" at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, press Power and Volume Up keys for several seconds and then release Volume Up key. You will see the Android system recovery options at the top of the screen. Then you are free to use Volume and Power keys to select the one as wanted and liked.

Part 2: How to Get Rid of Android Stuck in System Recovery Mode

When your Android phone is stuck in system recovery and can't exit this mode. You will then need to manually get rid of this stuck in system recovery mode.

> Power off the device and then take out the battery and insert it again to ensure that your device is off.

> Press Home, Power, Volume Up keys at the same time until your device vibrates.

> Release the Power button but hold down Home and Volume Up keys to see the Android system recovery screen. Now, let go of Volume Up and Home buttons.

> Press Volume Down key to choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset option by holding down the Power button.

> Press Volume Down button to see the option of Delete All User Data and then hold down Power button to select it.

> Then you will see Reboot System Now option. Press Power button to reboot your Android phone.

Extra Bonus:

After entering the system recovery mode in part 1, you can tap on the Backup option to begin backing up your system to the SD card. Then choose Peboot Reboot option to restart the device. After that, you can simply check Recovery > Backup Directory on your SD card to continue the backup process.

Now, once you have exited the mode of Android system recovery, you can easily restore the Android system to your device in one click. First of all, enter the recovery mode and then choose Backup & Restore option. Then press Restore to recover the Android system from the backup files. Finally, just wait for the process to be finished in an easy and efficient way.

Here, since many accidents can lead to unexpected data losses of your Android phones, you are suggested to use this Vibosoft Android Data Recovery to recover the lost files from your Android phone under whatever reasons. With this powerful software, all the lost file can be regained in one click! Below is the free trial version of this software, you can give it a try by yourself!



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