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Effortlessly Root Your Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

Aug 27, 2015 17:00 am / Posted by Amy to Root Tips Topics
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Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 is warmly received after it is released to public. People enjoy using this mobile phone to facilitate their daily life, like connecting people and watching videos. But after carefully observing those who have lately bought new mobile phones, you won't be surprised to find that the first thing most people will do after having a new mobile phone is to root their mobile phone. But you have to admit that rooting your mobile phone is not as easy as managing your files on computer. Therefore, it highly suggested to follow the below steps to root your Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 for better service. Here, first I would like to explain why so many people have a fancy for rooting their new mobile phones, i.e. the advantages of rooting.

Rooting means unlocking the restrictions manufacturers put on your mobile phone, so you can freely uninstall the unnecessary applications in your phone and install functional and powerful tools as you needed; you are able to back up your phone system in case it may break down without any warnings; you can easily speed up your device speed and phone performance; you can download third-party recovery tool such as Vibosoft Dr. Mobile for Android to help you get your deleted data back. After rooting, you can be the real master of your mobile phone, you can edit and manage any files in your mobile phone.

However, the listed advantages above don't mean that rooting is a 100% safe process. Serious results can also arise due to improper handling and inadequate preparation. For example, if your mobile phone is not fully charged and out of power during the rooting process, it can easily turn into a cold brick. So it is very necessary to follow the steps as described below.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

Before starting rooting your Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660, please get the following preparations done:

* Fully charged your mobile phone, because lack of power during the rooting process may kill your mobile phone.

* Backed up all your important files, because the rooting process may easily delete some of your important files.

* Installed the latest version of device driver, because in this way can the software unleash its greatest potential.

* Found the reliable software: Kingo Android Root, so you can successfully and safely root your mobile phone.

Now, let's look at the detailed instructions to root your Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660.

Step 1. Free download the Kingo Android Root on the computer and open it.

Step 2. Before starting the rooting process, you need to follow the corresponding steps to enable successful USB debugging. After that, click the "Root" option.

Step 3: Wait patiently for the rooting process to complete.

Step 4: Now, click the "Finish" option to end the rooting process.

Done! The rooting process is finished and restrictions put on your Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 are removed. Now, you are free to install any third-party tools to help your in accordance with your will and need!

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