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How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Aug 26, 2015 17:00 am / Posted by Amy to Root Tips Topics
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Recently, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, but the pre-installed softwares really disturb me. They occupy too much space in my mobile phone. And I want to install some unofficial yet powerful softwares to help me, but root access is required! Does rooting have no harm? How can I safely root my Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830? Any better advice?

Well, to tell the truth, by no means is rooting Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 harmless. It may cause system instability. So you should cautiously follow the professional instructions to root your mobile phone, or otherwise one step wrong may turn your mobile phone into a useless brick. But generally speaking, advantages overshadow the disadvantages. After rooting your mobile phone, you can have access to the fullest extent of the power of Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830; you are free to uninstall the unwanted softwares and install the needed softwares in your mobile phone; you are free to block various advertisements across all applications; you are able to backup phone system in case your phone system may break down all of a sudden; you can speed up your mobile device. In a word, rooting enables you to have full control over your mobile phone, because restrictions put by mobile producers will have been unblocked.

Things Need to Do before Rooting:

* Fully charged your mobile phone.

* Backed up all your important files.

* Installed the latest version of device driver.

* Found the reliable software: SuperRoot.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Step 1. Free download the SuperRoot on the computer and open it with double clicks. Then connect your mobile phone to computer via its USB cord.

Step 2. Click the "Root" option and then wait for the rooting process to complete.

Step 3: Now, click the "Finish" option to end the rooting process.

Now, you have finally rooted your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. From now on, you won't be troubled by the problems brought by the pre-installed softwares. You are free to install Vibosoft Dr. Mobile for Android to help you recover lost files even if your mobile phone unfortunately suffers from data loss.

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