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Easy Way to Share Apps between Windows Phone and iPhone

Sept 23, 2015 10:30 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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When having saved useful and interesting Apps on your old Android phone, you may want to transfer these Apps to your new phone. In addition, you friend or family may want you to share that App to their mobile phones so they can enjoy the application as you did. However, you can't be pretty sure that all of them are using the phone running the same operating system with you. After all, in this mobile market, there are multiple choices of mobile phones, such as Windows phone, Android phone and iPhone. At this moment, if you want to transfer Apps between two phone running different systems, it is suggested to find a reliable third-party software for your reference. Today, this passage will recommend two powerful softwares to you. After knowing their respective advantages, you are free to choose any functional software as your best assistant tool.

Recommendation One: Vibosoft FoneTransfer

Recommendation Two: Vibosoft Mobile Transfer

Vibosoft FoneTransfer: Transfer Apps between Windows Phone and iPhone

This software is specially designed to help mobile users to transfer data between different smart phones. With this software, you are able to quickly share any files between Windows phone and iPhone, including contacts and messages which can't be easily accessed on the internal memory. This software can support multiple types of files, such as contacts, messages, call history and etc; media files such as photos, music and etc; other data like Apps and etc. With this software, you can restore files from backup within one click.

Now, you can download this software click the below button. As to the steps to use this software, you can follow the steps mentioned in the next useful software.



Vibosoft Mobile Transfer: Sync Apps between Windows Phone and iPhone

As a standalnoe third-party software, Vibosoft Mobile Transfer is designed for transferring apps, contacts, music, videos and photos, etc between any two smart phones. Therefore, transferring apps between Windows phone and iPhone with the help of this software is just a piece of cake. With this software, you are free to share apps between different mobile phones, such as Android phones, Windows phones and iPhones. This software will provide an easy-to-understand user interface. You just need to follow the steps to realize the goal. As to its safety, you can be fully guaranteed. It is safe and clean without bringing any virus infection or data loss during the files transfer.

Click Here to Get the Free Trial Version:

Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

Tutorial on Copying Apps between Windows Phone and iPhone

1Connect Windows Phone and iPhone to Computer

First of all, launch the software after the installation. Then connect your phones to the computer via the USB cord. On the main interface, choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and continue.

2Transfer Apps from Windows Phone to iPhone

Now, you can set your Windows phone as the "Source" phone and your iPhone as the "Destination" phone. Then choose the Apps on the source phone and click the "StartCopy" option to transfer apps from Windows phone to iPhone. If you want copy iPhone apps to Windows phone, just set your iPhone as the "Source" phone and follow the same steps!

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