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Solved! Sync Music Songs from Mac to Android

Dec 01, 2015 15:10 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Yesterday I mistakenly deleted all the downloaded music songs in my Samsung phone. Now, do I have to re-download these music songs on my Samsung phone once again? I just don't want to spend extra money! Can I directly transfer music songs from my computer to Android? BTW, I'm using a Mac computer. Many thanks!

Now, the portable Android phone allows users to listen to music whenever they want as long as these songs have been downloaded to their Android phones. There is no denying that download music directly on your Android phone is actually a waste of time and money. On one hand, you have to pay for downloading music songs, on the other hand, when the internet environment is poor, you have to waste too much time in waiting for the process to be finished. Actually, you can try syncing music songs from computer to Android phone. In this way, you can save extra money and also transfer batches of music songs from computer to Android phone in an easy and fast way. This passage will tell you how to transfer music songs from Mac to Android phones, taking Samsung phone as example.

In terms of transferring files from Mac to Samsung phone, you will need a professional third-party software like Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager (Mac). With this software, you are able to transfer files like music songs from Mac to Android phones in one click. This software allows you to transfer multiple types of files from Mac to Android phones, including files stored in the internal memory or in the SD card. Moreover, this software is able to support all types of Android phones, ranging from domestic brands like Huawei to foreign brands like Samsung. You can select a bunch of music songs on your Mac computer and then transfer them to your Android phone in a high speed. Apart from transferring files from Mac to Android, this software also allows you to transfer files from Samsung or other Android phones to computer and save them as a backup in case of sudden data losses. Now, what are you waiting for? Just get this software and download music songs from Mac to your Samsung!

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Step-by-step Guide on How to Sync Music from Mac to Samsung

1Get Samsung Connected to Mac

First of all, download the right version of this software and then open it on your computer. After that, connect your Samsung phone to the Mac and you will see the below interface. Now, choose the "Connect via USB" option to continue the process.

2Enable USB Debugging & Select Files as Wanted

If you have not opened USB debugging on your Samsung phone, you may see the below interface. Then you just need to follow the steps to enable USB debugging. After that, click "Next" to make your Samsung phone connected by this software. And you will see all file folders are arranged on the left panel. But, if you have opened USB debugging, this software will automatically connect your Samsung phone and you can directly skip to step 3.

3Sync Music Songs from Mac to Samsung

Now, choose the "Music" folder on the left panel and then choose the corresponding option on the top panel to import music songs from Mac to Samsung. By the way, if you want to transfer other files from your Samsung phone to Mac as a backup. You can choose the files as wanted and then click the option of "Export" to transfer them from Samsung phone to Mac.

Write in the End:

The tutorial introduce in the above is mainly for Mac users. As for Windows users, you can download this Vibosoft Samsung Mobile Manager software and then follow the similar steps to transfer music songs or other files between your Samsung phone and computer! This software can be your best Android manager worth your trying! I hope this passage is helpful to you!

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