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Samsung Tablet VS iPad - Sync Data between Samsung Tablet and iPad Easily

Mar 27, 2015 17:52 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Many of you would like to know which one from Samsung Tab and iPad is better for purchasing. Here we'd like to give you a brief comparison of them. The iPad is designed with IPS display with rich colors and great clarity of the images. It can play high quality HD videos without any jerk. The body of it is very sleek and compact. It is packed with the power of a Dual Core A5 Processor for high performance graphics usage. In the meantime iOS 8 offers many more features than traditional iOS 6. Integrated with 5 MP rear and 1.2 MP front cameras, it can capture photos with excellent quality. It is powered with a powerful battery which can provide up to 10 hours of web surfing and great battery life. 

In contrast, Samsung tablet is designed with AMOLED display with 10.7 inch screen and excellent quality of the images. It can play high quality full HD videos smoothly too. The body of the tab is aluminum and plastic. It is packed with the powerful Octa Core processor. Android Lollipop operating system is being used for better applications usage. Integrated with 8 MP rear and 1.3 MP front cameras, beautiful photos can be captured. It is powered with a good battery which can provide up to 12 hours of 3G and 20 hours of media usage. It comes with various power saving modes to reduce the battery usage and it has got various enhanced features to provide the best features to the users. It has got various other value added features like Split screen multitasking, Call and Text Forwarding, etc.

There are some more tips of the comparison:

Plus Points of Samsung over iPad:
1. Samsung products are far cheaper than iPad.
2. Samsung saves most of its cost in the design of operating system.
3. Samsung provides better value of money products compared to Apple.
4. Samsung is provided with micro SD slot for memory expansion.
5. High-end processor and latest RAM memory are provided at a very competitive price. For the same specs, Apple cannot release product at that price.
6. Availability of Service in most of the areas not like Apple.
7. Last but not the least, many free apps are available in Google Play. Even though Android operating system has got powerful operational capabilities, many of the Android apps are not able to run properly on the Android supporting devices.

Plus Points of iPad over Samsung:
1. Apple products come with world class quality when compared to Samsung series. Even If you operate Samsung tab continuously the tab hangs some times but it is not the case with Apple.
2. The main advantage with iPad is even though the configuration of processor and RAM is a bit low; they know how to get best out of the lowest configuration. Even with very high-end configuration, Samsung Tabs hangs because of various bugs in operating system of Google.
3. All apps run without any issues or glitches.
4. Greater touch sensitivity there is no doubt about it.
5. Even after one year's usage, you can definitely watch three English full length movies with the full charge.
6. Premium Brand
7. The iPad apps are simply awesome. Even though most of the apps are paid, it comes with the best quality and value for money.

Now that you have a good understanding of the differences between Samsung Tab and iPad, you may be interested in transferring data between these two tablets. Here is the part that comes then.

Transfer Data from Samsung Tab to iPad with Mobile Transfer

Vibosoft Mobile Transfer, the most professional program to help users sync data from Samsung Tab and iPad with a few clicks. It doesn't require any special skills and is very easy to learn. Here is the free trial version, and you can try it out now.

Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

1Run the Program on PC

Download and install the software on your computer. Launch it directly and you will see a primary window as follows. Then you can choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

Note: Make sure you have installed iTunes on your computer before running this program.

2Connect the Devices to PC

Connect both the Samsung Tab and iPad to the computers via USB cables. After that the program will detect your devices. Then the Samsung device should be set as the "Source" device while iPad will be placed as "Destination" device. If not, you can click the "Flip" button to make them in the right places.

3Transfer Data from Samsung Tab to iPad

Mark the data such as "Photos" and then click the "Start Copy" button to begin the transferring process. Meanwhile, you can transfer other data like videos and music from Samsung Tab to iPad as well.

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