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How to Transfer Videos Between Motorola and Computer/PC

May 20, 2014 09:34 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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As the leader of wireless communication industry, Motorola has witnessed the development history of mobile phone since it released its first commercial mobile phone in 1983. During the first years, Motorola has gradually gained supremacy in the mobile phone market. Thereinto, the technological innovation is a necessary factor of its prosperous development. Later, the world’s first touch screen smart phone named A6188 was launched by Motorola in 2000. Then Motorola not only invented the first Linux smart phone in the world, it is also a member of the founding team of Symbian operating system. What’s more, the unveiling of Motorola Android smart phones has made a great coup. In recent years, Motorola has successively launched several popular Android phones, such as Motorola Droid, Atrix, Defy, Razr, Electrify, Backflip, Admiral, and so on.

Why Do We Need Motorola Mobile Manager?

Are you a fan of Motorola Android phone? What do you usually do with your Motorola smart phone? Undoubtedly, making phone calls and sending text messages are the two basic functions of mobile phone. If you own a Motorola Android smart phone, you can take beautiful pictures, shoot family videos, install interesting apps, and watch movies whenever you want. However, there are some problems when playing with a Motorola mobile phone. For example, if you like shooting videos with your Motorola device, you have to take the risk of losing them from your Motorola phone by accident. As there are various factors may lead to the data loss from our smart phone, such as improper operations, get device broken, stolen or lost, etc. Under these circumstances, you’d better transfer precious videos to computer as a backup. In addition, when you save too many videos on your Motorola phone, the capacity of your phone’s memory will reach its limit. Then you will not be able to store more videos to your phone unless you remove some existing ones. In that case, copying videos to computer will be a good solution for making room for new files. Well, there is another problem, how can we transfer videos from Motorola smart phone to computer?

To help you with this problem, I’d like to recommend you this Vibosoft Motorola Mobile Manager, which enables you to freely export videos between Motorola smart phone and computer. With it, you can transfer multiple videos from Motorola phone to computer at the same time. And this software also allows you to copy videos from computer to your Motorola phone. If you like watching movies on your Motorola device, this feature will be helpful. Apart from these, this program is able to help you delete videos in a batch on computer. Moreover, in addition to videos, it can be operated to transfer all media files between Motorola smart phone and PC. How about this software? It is indeed practical.

Here is the free trial version, you can download one and act as the following guide to have a try by yourself.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

User Guide: How to Backup Motorola Videos from/to Computer/PC

1Download, Install and Open this Software

The first step, download, install and operate this program on your computer according to instructions. Then connect your Motorola smart phone to PC via a USB cable. After that, in order to get your phone detected by this software successfully, you need to follow the steps on the menu to enable USB debugging on your Motorola device. Then press "USB debugging opened" and "Next", this program will automatically recognize your smart phone and install USB driver on computer. As this process will last for a while, please be a little patient.

Install the program

2Deeply Scan Motorola Smart Phone

A few minutes later, this software will start to scan your Motorola phone data. Soon all files of your phone will be displayed on the main interface. Click "My Android", you will be able to preview some detailed info of you Motorola, such as Model, State, SysVersion, Power, Storage, etc. Aside from this, you can view apps, music, photos, videos, books and more files on your phone at will.

main panel

3Save Videos Between Motorola and PC

Touch the "Video" option, you will see the whole movies on your Motorola mobile phone. Then click the "Import" icon to copy movies from computer to your phone. While, if you want to transfer Motorola videos to PC, please mark them and hit the "Export" button.

Write in the End:

As you can see, this Vibosoft Motorola Mobile Manager can help you transfer videos between Motorola mobile phone and computer with only a few clicks. If you want to export other files, like music, photos, books, etc. between your phone and PC, just enter the corresponding folder and act as the similar way to achieve that.

What's more, this software can be compatible with all Android phones. In other words, if you use Samsung, HTC, Sony, ZTE, HUAWEI, LG or other phones, it can be still useful, as long as your smart phone is based on Android operating system. What are you waiting for? Just give it a try, it won't let you down.

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