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Transfer Photos Between Sony Ecrisson and Computer

Sept 15, 2015 16:30 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Nowadays, Android mobile users are growing larger and larger all over the world. With the development of technologies, Android mobile phones like Sony Ecrisson are now equipped with more and more advanced functions, such as photo taking ability. Now, people can take photos to memorize the picturesque and poetic scenery of another place, to record the beautiful and moving moments with their beloved families and friends, to remember the sense of achievements of some challenges. Actually, people can use their mobile phones to record different moments so they can recall in their old times. There is no need to emphasize the importance of these photos.

However, with time passing by, more and more photos will be stored in your Sony Ecrisson. But have you ever thought about the possible fact that you may lose all of these precious photos standing for the priceless memories without any warnings? Have you ever encountered the situation that your Sony Ecrisson is packed with so many photos that you can't save other new photos? It is highly suggested for you to transfer photos from your Sony Ecrisson to computer as a backup in case of data loss and inability to save new memories!

When it comes to transfer photos between Sony Ecrisson and computer, most people will say a simple USB cord is enough. Admittedly, transferring photos from Sony Ecrisson to computer via the USB cord is a feasible way. However, in terms of thousands of photos, the way may cost you a full day. Can you endure that snail-crawling speed? Now, you can try the better way introduced as follows.

Using Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager

This is an easy-to-use yet powerful assistant tool, which is specially designed for Android mobile users to manage their files on the computer. With this software, transferring thousands of photos from your Sony Ecrisson to computer is just a matter of a few clicks. The transferring speed won't be influenced by the quantity of the files. Moreover, this software allows you to transfer other files between Sony Ecrisson and computer, including contacts and messages which are stored in the internal memory of your mobile phone. This software is also compatible with all Android mobile phones. So long as you are using Android mobile phones, you can always using this software for your service.

At this moment, what are you waiting for? Just click the below button and have a try by yourself!

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

How to Export Photos Between Sony Ecrisson and Computer/PC

1Connect Sony Ecrisson Phone to Computer

First of all, make sure that you have downloaded the right version of the software and open it with double clicks. Now, connect your Sony Ecrisson to computer via its USB cord. You may see the below interface. If so, please follow the corresponding steps to enable USB debugging.

Install the program

2Preview All Files on Computer

Now, you may see the below interface. You are free to enter any tab to preview files directly on the computer.

main panel

3Transfer Photos between Sony Ecrisson and Computer

Here, please press the "Photo" option to choose the photos that you want to copy to computer. Then click the 'Export" button to transfer the wanted photos to computer. If you want to transfer some photos from computer to your Sony Ecrisson phone, you can first press "Import" button and then select the photos on the computer. You are able to transfer files between Sony Ecrisson and computer in a batch.

Write in the End:

With Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager, you can easily transfer thousands of photos between Sony Ecrisson and computer within a few seconds. More importantly, this software offers you more than simple photo transfer, you can use it to help you better manage your mobile phone. Such a strong tool is really worth your trying!

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