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How to Transfer Photos Between Motorola and Computer

May 19, 2014 09:36 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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I purchased a new smart phone last week. As I’ve taken plenty of beautiful photos with my old Motorola RAZR V, and I don’t want to lose them, so that I decided to transfer them to my new device. Do you have any good method to help me with that?

I believe that many Motorola mobile phone users have the same problem with you. In the first place, more and more people like taking pictures with their smart phone as a replacement of digital camera in recent years. As it is known to all, it is much more convenient to shoot photos with a mobile phone instead of an extra camera during the daily life. In the next place, after taking memorable images with your Motorola smart phone, you may need to share with others or edit them. Then you will find ways to export them to computer. In addition, as you know that our phone’s memory is always limited, if you have saved too many photos on the internal memory or the SD card, you won’t be able to store new data to your phone unless you remove some existing files. And if you don’t want to lose your precious images, you can transfer them to other devices as a backup. What’s more, many users have complained that lots of factors may lead to the data loss of our smart phone without warning. In this situation, you’d better keep a backup file of your pictures on PC in case of losing them all of a sudden. All in all, large numbers of people are in need of transferring photos from Motorola mobile phone to computer for various reasons.

To help you with that, I’d like to recommend you this Vibosoft Motorola Mobile Manager, which is considered as the best file transfer software to backup photos between Motorola smart phone and computer. Well, the bright spot of this program is that you can save the whole pictures from Motorola phone to PC in a batch by marking them with one click, and the quality of them won’t be damaged completely. Apart from these, this software stands out also because of its versatility. In addition to backing up photos between Motorola cell phone and computer, this program can help us copy all media files, like music, videos, etc. between your mobile phone and PC. And before exporting files from Motorola to computer, this Motorola Mobile manager enables you to preview them first. Thus you can choose to transfer some of your photos to computer, and you are allowed to directly delete images as well.

This software is quite practical, right? Now you can click here to get the free trial version to give it a try.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

User Guide: How to Export Motorola Photos from/to Computer/PC

1Open this Software, Get Motorola Device Detected

After downloading and installing this Motorola file transfer software on your computer, please launch it and connect your Motorola smart phone to PC via USB. Then you need to get your Motorola device detected as soon as possible. To achieve that, you should enable USB debugging on your phone first. Look at the menu below, after opening USB debugging by following the steps, please press "USB debugging opened" and "Next" to continue. Soon this software will identify your Motorola cell phone and start to install USB driver on your computer automatically.

Install the program

2Scan the Whole Files on Motorola Smart Phone

After installing USB driver, this Motorola Mobile Manager will scan your phone data deeply. A few seconds later, you will see that all files on your Motorola phone are arranged one by one. Now you can preview apps, music, photos, videos, books, contacts and more files as you like.

main panel

3Copy Photos Between Motorola and PC

In this step, you can touch the "Photo" option to preview your pictures first. Then if you want to transfer them to computer, you can mark your needed ones and then hit the "Export" button. While, if you are going to copy photos from computer to your Motorola device, you should click "Import" to help you.

Write in the End:

Aside from what I've mentioned above, this Vibosoft Motorola Mobile Manager has many more features, such as backup contacts and text messages to computer, edit contacts, uninstall or install apps, send text messages, and so on. Just have a try, you will find this software is indeed powerful and efficient.

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