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How to Erase Photos from Android Phones & Tablets

Dec 08, 2014 11:34 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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I used to think that all files will be permanently removed from my Android phone after resetting my device back the factory settings. Later, one of my friends reminded me that deleted data may be retrieved by working special data recovery software. I'm afraid that some private photos may be restored and exploited by others after I sell my Android phone on eBay. Is there any way can help permanently remove photos from Android smart phone? I'd appreciate it if you could do me a favor.

If you are going to sell you Android phone, it is very significant to erase personal data thoroughly. However, as the fact that deleted files can be easily recovered by professional data recovery program, even though you have formatted the SD card, reset the device back to factory default settings or flashed the ROM. Thus, you can't achieve your goal of removing photos from Android phone completely by clicking the "Delete" buttons simply. In this page, I'd love to introduce you the most effective tool to erase Android photos - Vibosoft Android Photo Eraser, which prevents deleted photos from being recovered by any recovery programs. In addition to photos, the whole data, such as videos, contacts, text messages, call logs, apps, accounts info, etc, on your Android device can be wiped at the same time.

As a matter of fact, Android Photo Eraser provides you with two different erasing modes, which means that you can select to remove all existed data on your Android device or only erase all deleted data that still stay on your phone's memory. So that if you just don't want your deleted photos to be recovered and viewed by others, this software can help erase them without doing any harm to the existing data on your Android mobile phone.

Android Photo Eraser is pretty easy to operate. With a few simple clicks, the entire data will be removed from Android phone in a batch. Now you can get the free trial version to have a try by yourself. If you have any question about how to work this software, please keep reading the tutorial below.

Android Data Eraser

Android Data Eraser is a professional tool to help you permanently erase the whole data from Android devices before you sell, recycle or donate it.

Guide: How to Wipe off Photos from Android Smart Phones & Tablets

1Launch the Software on PC

To begin with, download and install this program on your computer. Then follow the direction to work it. After getting an interface as pictured, please connect your Android mobile phone to the PC via USB.

2Select Erasing Mode and Ready to Delete

After getting your Android device detected, please choose to erase all existed data on your phone or just erase deleted files that still stay on your phone's memory as needed. Then you can hit the "Erase Now" button to start the process. Wait for a few minutes, all targeted files will be wiped off from your Android phone in a batch.

Write in the End:

Vibosoft Android Photo Eraser is quite user-friendly, isn't it? Here I'd like to tell you that this software can be compatible with all Android smart phones, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, HUAWEI, etc. If you need to erase photos, videos, apps, call history, contacts, text messages or more private data on your Android device, you can't miss it. By the way, as all erased data won't be restored by any program, please think carefully before deleting them with this software. If necessary, you can work Vibosoft Android Data Backup to backup your Android phone first.

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