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Encrypting PDF files with owner and user password is an ideal way to protect your authority and copyright. A user password can help you to control the permission of opening a PDF, while the Owner password can protect your PDF files from reuse. Obviously, Adobe Acrobat Pro is too expensive to personal use, so Vibosoft comes here to take your thought into considerations and release this PDF Locker to help you protect your PDF files completely.

- Strongly Lock PDF Files with Own Password and User Password.
- Three kinds of encrypt algorithm: 128 bits AES, 128 bit RC4, 40 bit RC4.
- Set a variety of privileges to permit printing, copying, editing or modifying.
- High Stability: Load hundreds of PDF files at a time and doesn't crash.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP Go to PDF Locker for Mac>>>

Version 2.2.7 $35.95$25.95 Copy all files from iPhone,iPad,iPod
  • In most situations, we are not willing to declare the PDF document publicly except the specific persons. Or when you send a confidential PDF document to others, to ensure the privacy is very important...Under these situations, lock your PDF documents with User and Owner password could be the most distinctive way to protect your PDF from opening, editing, copying and printing.

  • "I love this PDF Locker very much! It works very well on my Windows 7 system. And I've used it to encrypt my graduation paper with password. And I can never worry about my paper will edited by others." -- By Lisa

  • "Well, well, well, well, well done! The performance of this program exceed all my expectations. And your technical support service is also Awesome! Love you guys! " -- By Augustine

Strongly Lock PDF Files with Own Password and User Password

The content in the PDF may be private and you don't want other people to see it. The information contained in the PDF is valuable. Any way, you don't want others to read them without permission. Then try to add User and Owner password to protect your PDF contents.
Set User Password to Protect PDF from Opening
* A User Password for PDF just like a key for a door. It can greatly show the right to use. Without the correct password, no one can open and read the PDF contents. And this kind of password can't be crack by any password remover tools. So if you want to improve your PDF security level, don't forget to set a user password to it.
Add Owner Password to Avoid PDF is Editing by Others
* Owner Password is needed when you don't want to other people reuse any contents of the PDF document. No matter readers want to print, copy or edit the PDF document, he/she must enter the proper password.

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Three Encrypt Algorithm: 128 bits AES, 128 bit RC4, 40 bit RC4

Just like the says going "Two leaves are not exactly same to each other in the world", so in different situations, people may have different encryption needs. Thus, after several updates, Vibosoft unveils this program with 3 different encrypt algorithm.
128 bits AES
* This is the Highest password protection levels. It means Advanced Encryption Standard that gives stronger security measures to your file.
128 bit RC4
* It is higher than 40 bit RC4. It offers more detailed options for use to apply restrictions for PDF document.
40 Bit RC4
* This is the lowest password protection which allows users to protect PDF document from printing, copying or editing individually.

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Set a variety of Privileges to Permit Printing, Copying or Editing

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In the latest update version, Vibosoft have taken so many unbelievable functions into this PDF Locker software. You're enabled to set unlimited permissions to your PDF documents on Windows 7/8 with one simple click.
Permit One or More Privacies Freely
* You can make your PDF file printable while locking the privacy of copying and editing simultaneously. It enables you to protect PDF from being printed, copied, modified or annotation added selectively and individually when in common 40 bit RC4 mode.
Enjoy More Privacies in 128 Bit Mode
* In 128 bit RC4 and 128 bit AES modes, you are allowed to release more privacies for your document including permitting content copying/content copying accessibility, content printing, form filling, content modifying, annotation adding or assemble documents optionally.

High Stability: Load Hundreds of PDFs at A Time and doesn't Crash

No one want to spend too much time on importing and encrypting PDF files one by one. Nowadays, all things pursuit of efficiency, so does encrypt PDF files. Thus, Vibosoft upgrade its software with lots of efficient functions.
Load Files As Many As You Like At One Time
* If you have a large amount of PDF files need to set permissions, then this batch importing function will save lots of your time. Vibosoft PDF Locker enables you to load all PDF files with one simple click.
Drag and Drop Operation is Available
* If you have ever used a third party program just like PDF converter, PDF creator, etc., then you may know that drag-n-drop operation is a so sweet method for importing files. Compare to other loading methods, this one is more welcomed by all users.

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