Vibosoft PDF Locker for Mac

PDF Locker for Mac - A Powerful Tool to Protect PDF Files
In order to protect the authority and copyright of your PDF files, you'd better encrypt them with user and owner password. Here the Vibosoft PDF Locker for Mac is the best tool to protect your PDF from being copied, printed or edited by others. By the way, you can make customizable settings to your files on the program, then you can encrypt your PDF with different levels and various permissions.

- Use Owner Password and User Password to lock your PDF files completely.
- Three encryption standards: 128 bits AES, 128 bit RC4, 40 bit RC4.
- Set different permissions to protect your PDF documents from being printed, copied, edited by others without restrictions.
- Simple interface and easy to operate.

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.10 Go to PDF Locker for Windows>>>

Version: 2.2.11 $39.95$29.95 Vibosoft PDF locker Mac box
  • As you know, if we haven't locked our PDF files, they can be freely modified or copied by anyone, which is a behavior of infringing our copyrights. And after all PDF files are revealed to the public, it is difficult to call somebody to account, and many cases are irremediable. If you have this Vibosoft PDF Locker for Mac, you will be able to prevent others from copying or editing your PDF without limitations.

  • "This PDF locker can be perfectly compatible with my Mac computer, that's amazing. With it, I've encrypted some classified documents, and I needn't worry about their security any more." -- By Kate

  • "My classmate's graduation thesis was modified by someone maliciously. Thanks to this PDF locker, my paper were left intact. Or I must have gone crazy." -- By Betsy

User Password and Owner Password help Lock PDF Files Completely

The Vibosoft PDF Locker for Mac is the best protection tool. If you don't want your PDF to be accessed by other people, you can easily add user password and owner password with the program. And if someone need to read or edit your PDF files, he/she have to ask you for password and permission.
User Password Help Protect PDF from being Opened
* It's the best way to avoid leaking confidential documents. Without the user password, nobody could read your PDF files, not to mention copying or editing them.
Owner Password Prevent PDF from being Copied or Modified
* If you don't want your PDF to be taken for other uses by others, you should set an owner password to your files. Then even someone has user password to view your documents, he/she are not able to reproduce or edit any file without owner password.

Three Alternative Encryption Levels

As you know, not all files are at the same security level. With this program, you can select different encryption standards as you need. Here are three encrypt algorithms available for you.
40 Bit RC4
* It is available for Acrobat 4.X/5.X or above. And it is the lowest password protection to avert copies, prints and edits of your PDF.
128 bit RC4
* It supports Acrobat 5.X or above. 128 bit RC4 is a higher mode than 40 bit RC4, so it will be much safer, and you can set more restrictions to your PDF files.
128 bits AES
* It is suitable to Acrobat 7.X or above. As the highest password protection level, it will protect your PDF documents with the strongest security method.

Set Different Permissions According to Various Needs

If you just add a user password to your PDF, you needn't choose more permissions to your files. While if you have set an owner password, you need to set permissions as you need.
Choose High or Low Resolution
* After permitting files printing, you can choose to print them with high or low resolution. If you don't want others to keep a clear version of your files, you can select the low resolution.
Set One or More Permissions
* If you have encrypted your PDF files with 128 bit RC4 or 128 bit AES, you will be able to set more personalize permissions as you want. You can decide whether your PDF files can be printed, copied, modified by others, or new annotation can be added to your content, and so on.

More Features

Lock Hundreds of Files at One Time
* This program can help you lock your PDF files with the same password, and you can load them at one time. Meanwhile, you can put all PDF files on a folder, and choose to add folder, then you will get all PDF documents on the program with one click.
Simple Interface and Easy to Operate
* It is both effective and convenient. Without any expertise, you can achieve to lock your PDF with am easy process.
More Customizable Options
* If you have loaded wrong files to the program, you can delete it soon, or directly clear all with one hit.


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