Vibosoft Free iOS Disk Mode

Mount Your iPad, iPhone and iPod As A Portable USB Drive
If you own an Apple device like iPad, iPhone or iPod, then it is undeniable that these devices could be an ideal choice for playing movies, reading books, or other entertainment purposes. But if you need to use it as a portable drive? The answer is also absolutely YES. With the help of Vibosoft iPhone/iPad/iPod Disk Mode, your Apple devices can works well as a portable USB hard drive. So that you can copy and paste files or folders between Windows computer and other devices.

- Arbitrarily add, create/delete, or remove new files or folder on iPad, iPhone, iPod in the disk mode.
- Copy files and folders between computer and devices as you like.
- Different viewing modes for browsing files and folders in your devices.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP Go to Free iOS Disk Mode Mac>>>

Version 2.1.13PDF to word for mac box
  • Unlike common mobile phones or other portable devices, Apple's iOS device can't be directly used as an intermediary to copy or transfer data between two computers. But sometimes you can't find a proper USB hard drive when you're in urgent, then you want to mount your iPad, iPhone or iPod as portable drive for sharing data. Thus, you can use Vibosoft iPhone/iPad/iPod Disk Mode to extend your iDevice's function.

  • "WOW, fantastic app! I have tried to use it to make my iPhone become a portable USB drive. It really works well and easy to use. Now, I have recommended it to all my friends. Thanks, guys!" -- By William

  • "I've decided to get the full version immediately once I've just tried the free trial version on Windows 8. It is really helpful to transfer data between computer and iOS devices. Keep going, guys! " -- By Andrew

Arbitrarily Manage Files & Folders on iOS Devices

Easy and elegant, Vibosoft iOS Disk Mode program is the ideal utility for directly accessing files and folders on your iDevice. It works in a way just like the Windows File Explorer but more easy to use.
Create, Remove or Delete Files/Folders
* Manage your iOS files or folders just like on the computer system. One-click to create new files or folders, delete any unnecessary documents or remove files from one folder to another without any limitations.
Rename Any Files As You Like
* As a professional file manager for iOS devices, this program added the new technology to ensure users can enjoy more personalized functions. For example, you can freely change the file or folder name.

Copy Files & Folders Between Computers

As an easy to use yet professional USB hard drive, Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod have the ability to transfer and share data from one computer to another while they're in Disk Mode.
Transfer Data from One Computer to Another
* Have prepared the new PPT presentations for the coming courses? Need to send the new PPT to the computer in the classroom while you're offline? Don't worry, Vibosoft can solve your problem right now. Just launch the program on your PC and connect your iDevices to PC, then these devices can be used as a practical portable drive.
Copy to iDevices
* To exploit the large flash memory on iPad, iPhone and iPod, you can use the program to mount your iPad, iPhone and iPod as a large hard disk and put files or folders from your computer to these devices with one click.

Robust, Friendly to Explore & View iDevices Files

After importing a large amount of files like music, movies, photos, files, etc. to iPhone, iPad or iPod, perhaps it is hard for you to find a specific document, right? Then you need to change the view mode and searching method for quickly locate target files.
2 Different Viewing Modes to Satisfy Your Needs
* Before developing this program, Vibosoft have spent lots of effort in studying customer's demands. So finally this Disk Mode program comes here with 2 different viewing modes: List or Thumbnail. You can change the view modes while you're in different situations.
Using Searching Box to Find Your Desired File or Folder
* If you remember the file name exactly, then it is time-consuming to find the file by viewing all files one by one. You can directly type the name in the searching box and directly find and locate your desired data in the program.

More Features

Assure Security of Your iDevice Data
* When your iPad, iPhone or iPod is lost or cannot be found, the biggest worries is your personal data is stolen by strangers. So Vibosoft have adopted the latest technology to ensure that all data imported to your iDevice via this tool will only be checked and viewed via this software only.
Constantly Upgrading
* Vibosoft technical team still keep studying and adding new features into the program, so that you can enjoy more and more personalized functions in the upgrading versions. For all register users, you can enjoy a free lifetime upgrading service. Every time we have a new version, you can choose to upgrade it to the latest one or not at your own will.


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