Vibosoft Image Resizer for Windows

Powerful Image Converter and Editor for Windows Users
Sometimes when you upload some personal pictures to social networking websites, and you don't want your photos taken advantaged by someone who have ulterior motives, you can add watermarks to your pictures by operating this Vibosoft Image Resizer. In addition, this software can work as functional Image Converter and Image Editor as well.

- Append text or pictures as watermarks to pictures.
- Resize or rotate images as you need.
- Add special effects to photo, such as change the quality, brightness or contrast.
- Merge multiple pictures into one, convert photos into different formats and more.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP Go to Image Resizer for Mac>>>

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  • If you just want to add text or image watermarks to a few pictures, you can directly edit them other editing programs. While, if you are going to add the same watermark to thousands of images, this Vibosoft Image Resizer must be your best choice. With it, you are able to append text or pictures as watermarks to multiple photos at the same time. To be honest, this software is absolutely functional and powerful.

  • "I have achieved to add text watermarks to hundreds of pictures within seconds by running this software. I have to say that it is amazing and pretty helpful. You can't miss it." -- By Joe

  • "Very good! I always run this program to combine multiple photos into one, resize pictures, add image watermarks to photos for commercial uses, and so on. This software is indeed functional! " -- By Anderson

Add Text or Images Watermarks to Pictures

Vibosoft Image Resizer allows you to add copyright text or interesting images as watermarks to your photos as a kind of protection or entertainment.
Add Words to Photographs
* You are allowed to enter text in a textbox. Then you can freely select the font, change the font size, control the transparency or set the foreground color of your text, choose the position of watermark according to your own needs.
Append Watermarking of Images
* After selecting a photo as watermark, you can set the picture size by using the slider, and it is forbidden to exceed the original size. In addition, you are able to change the transparency or the location of watermarks as you want.

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Resize or Revolve Photos with Simple Settings

This Vibosoft Image Resizer enables you to change the size of your photo depending on different demands. And you can also rotate it at random angles.
Adjust the Size of Pictures
* This program provides you with two setting options. You can choose to set the zoom percentage or customize frame size to resize your photos. By the way, you can use the rectangular marquee tool to shear pictures.
Circumgyrate Images in Any Degree
* You are able to enter the angle value (0~360) to revolve pictures as you like. Or you can set it by using drop-downs. Moreover, you can set the background color for your photos.

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Set Special Effects or Combine Multiple Images

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This Vibosoft Image Resizer is indeed a wonderful image editor by enabling you to add more effects to your photos or merge several pictures into one.
Some Settings of Manipulating Pictures
* By working this software, you are able to change the picture quality by setting the percentage. Meanwhile, you can change photo from dark to light, adjust the contrast to bring out the color or reset the DPI value. By the way, this program also provides you with drop-down menu to help set the DPI of pictures.
Merge Multiple Photos into One
* You can choose to combine targeted pictures from top to down or right to left. After amalgamation, you are allowed to add effects to individual images if necessary.

Real-time Preview

After selecting picture, this software will show the thumbnail view of the image. And when you choose another photo, it can automatically switch to the specific one. What's more, when you import pictures to this program, it will display the file name, format, disk size, original size and status on the interface.
Convert Pictures Between Different Formats
* You are able to set the output format as you need. This Vibosoft Image Resizer supports to convert photos from JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP to each other.
Support All Windows System
* It supports nearly all windows system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8, both 32bit and 64bit systems; you will found it to be quite stable.

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