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Effectively Create Vivid GIF Images with the Best GIF Animator
As you know that GIF pictures are much more vivid and absorbing than JPG or PNG images, as GIF is the only file format that supports animation. Thus various GIF pictures have been created for entertainments or making websites more interesting. Are you looking for a practical tool to make a GIF? If so, you can't miss this Vibosoft Animated GIF Maker, which is one of the most competitive tools to help users easily customize GIF images without any professional skills.

- Combine several pictures into one GIF animation file with ease.
- Support to insert JPG, BMP, PNG or GIF images.
- Preview single picture according to the time axis.
- Provide you with remarkably user-friendly interface.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP Go to Animated GIF Maker for Mac>>>

Version 3.0.19 $49.95$39.95 Animated GIF Maker Feature
  • Nowadays, many people are trying to make GIF for amusement. If you don't have any professional skills, you'd better try an user-friendly GIF editor. Then this Vibosoft Animated GIF Maker must be your best choice. With it, you only need to import several photos and then this software can help combine them into one GIF file as you want. In addition, this program also enables you to swap the position of pictures at will.

  • "When I need to make GIF images, this software is my first choice. Until now, I have created more than hundreds of GIF files with it. It is well worth having a try to customize a GIF. " -- By Jenny

  • "This Vibosoft Animated GIF Maker is very easy to use. One of my friends recommended me this program to make GIF pictures. Now I recommend you to try it. You can't miss it." -- By Ben

Insert Multiple Pictures to Create GIF File

If you want to make GIF image, you should import at least two pictures to this Vibosoft Animated GIF Maker program. And it is quite simple to achieve that.
Several Ways to Import Photos
* This software provides you with three methods to import or delete photos. The first approach is to find the options in the right-click context menu. Secondly, click the menu bar (at the top) to add or remove pictures. At last, enter the toolbar to finish this process.
Support to Insert Images of Different Formats
* You are allowed to import JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF images to this program, and then create a GIF animation file by integrating them without any difficulty.

PDF Image Extractor feature2

Preview Details of Imported Photos

After inserting pictures, this Vibosoft Animated GIF Maker can help you preview them whenever you want. Thus, you are able to directly delete or add photos if necessary.
Preview Original Pictures with Detailed Info
* When you click the thumbnail on the menu, the original image will be shown, and some detailed info, like file name, original width and height, etc., can be seen on the status bar.
View Each Image on the Time Axis
* After getting all photos arranged on the time axis, you can preview them one by one. Meanwhile, you will get the display order of all pictures. Of course, you are able to change it according to your own needs.

Animated GIF Maker feature3

Customized Settings of GIF Image

Animated GIF Maker feature4

Undoubtedly, different people need to create GIF files in various sizes. Then this Vibosoft Animated GIF Maker can help customize GIF pictures depending on different requirements.
Set the Output Size of GIF File
* Generally speaking, there is a required size of GIF photos. This software enables you to set the width and height as appropriate.
Retain Existing Settings
* After making a GIF file with this program, all settings, such as inserted pictures, the sequence of photos, delaying time, etc., can be saved. If needed, you are able to check them at any times.

More Available Features

Easy to Use
* You can directly use the drag-and-drop operation to put pictures into time axis. After that, you can freely drag them to change the positions and put them in desired sequence.
Set Loop Counter
* This Vibosoft Animated GIF Maker provides you with a loop counter, so that you can choose to play animation for several times or infinitely as you like.
User-friendly Interface
* It will show you with clear interface, thus you can achieve to make GIF images with only a few clicks by touching the corresponding options on the menu. Moreover, there is no adware attached to our software, it is 100% clean.

Animated GIF Maker feature5


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