Vibosoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery

The Strongest SMS+Contacts Recovery for Android Mobile Phones
SMS and contacts must be the most important files on our phones, but they are easily lost in many situations. No matter you deleted them by mistakes or on purpose, some common data recovery software will have no effect due to the SMS and contacts are stored in SIM or phone's internal memory, they cannot detect these data! But Vibosoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery program can be able to scan SIM card and internal memory, then help restore your lost text messages & contacts without any damage.

- Directly detect and scan SIM card and phone's internal memory.
- Effectively retrieve lost text messages and contacts for all sorts of reasons.
- Preview SMS & contacts and restore them selectively.
- Apply to all Android phone brands, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP Go to Android SMS+Contacts Recovery Mac>>>

Version $69.95$39.95 Android SMS+Contacts Recovery main feature
  • Most of users erroneously believe that messages and contacts data are saved in phone's SD card, in fact, it is absolutely untrue. The messages, contacts and details of every user will be stored on a database of SIM and phone's internal memory, When you suffer heavy losses once we lose them. Vibosoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery can help you get rid of this kind of tragedy by restoring lost SMS & contacts within minutes.

  • "Thanks to this software, I found my Samsung contacts back. In fact I think that system upgrades failure led to my contacts loss and I tried many common data recovery program but no use! " -- By Martin

  • "In order to get my SMS messages back, I've tried lots of softwares and wasted much time. But it is this program who solves my problems. I have no difficulty in recovering my messages. Thanks! " -- By Nick

When We need Vibosoft Android SMS + Contact Recovery

No matter which phone model you use, data loss is a normal issue. In consideration of the heavy expense of losing text messages and contacts, you'd better find a program to retrieve them as soon as possible before your phone data are overwritten.
* When your device is broken or Android system crashed.
* Due to deletion by mistake or formatting SD card used in device.
* After flashing ROM.
* After restoring your device to factory settings.
Many factors may lead to data loss of your Android phone, such as deleting mistakenly, formatting documents, breaking down suddenly, etc. This program can get all your SMS and contacts back in any situation before your phone data is overwritten by new information.

Some reasons

Deep Scan and Preview SMS & Contacts Before Recovery

In order to help you achieve recovery soon, Vibosoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery enable you to preview the whole scanned files as you want before recovering. While, in order to get this software operated well to restore SMS or contacts, you need root your Android phone.
Scan SIM Card and Phone's Internal Memory Automatically
* As you know, text messages and contacts are mostly stored in internal phone storage and SIM card, and they are unreadable and inaccessible without a third-party program. This program provides us access permissions to those files on computer, thus you can read your lost texts and contacts before restoration.
Preview in Real Time and Choose Needed SMS & Contacts as You Want
* Not all the text messages and contacts are needed to be retrieved. It can differentiate lost files from the existing ones, which helps you have a better view of the lost data, thus you can select the demands to restore immediately.

Android SMS+Contacts Recovery feature3

Directly Extract All Texts & Contacts to Computer for Backup

extract messages,contacts from phone

We will always suffer from losing phone data unless we have backups. Thus, even if we delete messages or contacts by accident, we can get them back without any loss. The program can help you extract SMS & contacts and synchronize with computer for more usages.
Extract Text Messages and Contacts to PC
* In case of losing data again, you'd better keep a backup after finish recovering. And this software can help export texts and contacts in HTML or CSV format to you PC, which is absolutely a good place for backups.
Synchronize with PC for Further Use
* SMS and contacts could be useful in many ways, this program help synchronize them with computer. Then it will be much easier for other uses. For example, you can copy data from PC to other devices or print them out directly.

Perfectly Support All Android Phone and Tablets

As a recovery program, it must be effective and efficient. Moreover, there are so many Android phone brands, an Android SMS+Contacts Recovery should be available to all, so that it can claim to be helpful.
* Easy and fast to operate, you can get the needed files back just with few clicks.
* With this program, you can not only find your lost phone numbers and texts, more detailed information will come back to your phone, including date, time, address, email, etc. That's 100% reliable.
* It is suitable to most Android phones, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, etc.
* Its design and structure are scientific, rational and stable, compatible with all Windows system: Windows 7/8/XP.

Support all android phones


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