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There is no denying that modern people are increasingly dependent on mobile phones. They like chatting with someone via dialing calls or sending messages when they are missing you; they like watching TV or listening to music when they are fed up with daily routines; they like scanning different web sites when they want to know about the current affairs. It seems that mobile phones have been an essential part in our daily life.
But have you ever found that with time passing by, more contacts and messages are stored in SIM card or the internal memory; an increasing amount of movies and music slow the phone's operation speed; junk files are accumulating one pile after another? But don't worry! Here comes Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager App, helping you manage your Android data, speed up your Android phone and clean up disgusting junk files. With it, you can better enjoy your modern life!

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Version 3.52
  • The new application is specially designed for Android mobile users to better manage their mobile phones. It is a powerful and functional application which can meet people's different needs. With this mobile phone, connecting Android mobile phones without USB is possible. And you can clean up junk files in your mobile phone to free more space and to boost the speed of operating any applications in your mobile phone!

  • "I have been using the program for some time, it's a very powerful automation software and even an SMS transmitter, friendly user-interface allows you to easily and precisely manage all the files." -- By Corey

  • "I'm totally satisfied that it does a great job for extracting text messages from my Samsung s4. Earlier, I have some important messages need to be printed, this app did! I would recommend it!" -- By Horace

Manager: Manage Your Android Files Wirelessly

When you want to transfer some data from your Android mobile phone to computer, only to find that you forget to bring your USB cord. Feel crazy? Don't know what to do? Take it easy! With this application, transferring any data including contacts and messages which can't be accessed easily is possible. This application allows you to connect your mobile phone to computer without installing USB driver on computer. After successful Wifi connection, you can:

* Freely transfer any data between Android phone and computer.
* Safely install or uninstall different apps.
* Fastly backup all important files to computer in case of data loss.
* Directly edit or delete files on computer as wanted.

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Cleaner: Timely and Precisely Clean up All Junk Files (Coming)

While enjoying yourself in using your mobile phone to keep in touch with others or to entertain yourself, one day you may find that lots of unnecessary files are hidden within your mobile phone. But you don't even know when these files are allowed to live in your phone. I think most people have such experiences. As long as you keep using your mobile phones, junk files will generated within the process. This application can:

* Quickly and deeply scan all files in your mobile phone.
* Accurately distinguish useful data between junk files.
* Effectively erase all junk files to free up more space.

Since these junk files won't disappear by themselves. Therefore, a deep cleaner for mobile phones is actually what you need.And this application is more than a cleaner!

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Optimizer: Optimize Your Android Device (Coming)

send messages

As is known to all, the longer a mobile phone has been used, the slower its speed will be! At this time, many people think that buying a new mobile phone is the only option. Actually, it's not! With this application, you can speed up your mobile phone in an easy and fast way! All you need is a few simple clicks!

* Kill unnecessary background processes.
* Speed up added applications and games.
* Free up memory on your Android device.

This app can greatly boost your Android device, so that your battery life can be saved and you can have a nicer experience when using your mobile phone!

More Features You Need to Know

* Compatible with All Android Phones
This application has a full range of compatibility. No matter you are using Samsung, HTC, Sony or other phones, you can fully manage your mobile phone with the help of this application.
* Move Other Apps to SD card (Coming)
This application can help you to move apps from phone's memory card to SD card, so that you can be free to download new Apps in memory card.
* Easy to Operate
This application is very easy to use. Just several clicks can achieve your goal of managing files and speeding up your Android device.

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