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Transfer Messages from Samsung Galaxy/Note to Computer


May. 25, 2012 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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To date, the most visible work of Samsung's Media Solutions Center has been for its cellphones sold in the world, though obvious attracting advantages as Samsung phone has,(Galayxy S3, Note 3), it still can’t avoid some systematic drawbacks. When we need to backup files within the mobile, a simple data cable can solve the problem on condition that those files are downloaded by us. What if we want to make backups for text messages?

Learn the Storage Principle of Text Messages

In general, there’re three positions respectively named RAM, USB and SD for smart phones. RAM is the systematic place of the mobile and USB storage is the internal space while the SD card is the external card which can be moved out from or insert in the smart phone. Some systematic files are automatically stored in RAM and can’t be moved neither to USB storage space nor SD card. The vast majority of the rest dada is downloaded by us. You can place it in the USB space or SD card or whatever you like. In most case we prefer to put the downloaded files in the SD card rather than move it in RAM for the reason that when most of space in RAM is occupied the mobile would run very slowly. Once encountered some urgent incidents, we may as well take some measures. In this time you need to transfer files to the compute to make backups. It’s absolutely quite easy for you to settle them when the files are located in USB space or card. A data cable is enough. On one side you contact the interface with your mobile and the other with your computer and you can continue your conductions on your computers. The rest part of job is to find out files needed to backup and do what you want.

While you have to transfer SMS from your Samsung galaxy S2/S3/S4/Note to computer, it’s not the case however. Text messages are storage in RAM by default. We fail to transfer it to computer just by a data cable or via wireless network. To achieve the required target, we need to look for a valuable assistant. Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager program may be the one you want. With it you can save your important messages from Samsung galaxy/Note to computer whenever you want without worrying that your inbox is full of messages or you can’t find the details in one of your messages. And, last but not least, it guarantees the complete quality.

free download windows version

free download windows version



Major features:

How to Download Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy/Note to Computer

Connect Samsung Phone to Computer and Run the Program

First, you should make sure your Samsung Phone can correctly connect to your computer; try to connect your device to your PC using the supplied USB cable. This program needs you to install a phone driver. Then install and run the program, you will see the software panel with some parameter information, such as: phone model, system version and storage space size.

Then enable USB debugging. Before scanning, you should enable USB debugging. The steps for different Android vary, so follow the instruction correctly shown on the software screen.

Install the program

Automatically Install USB Drive

No need to root your Samsung device, but the program need to install USB drive, Connect your device to computer and make sure network is OK. The program will automatically install USB drive within seconds.

install USB drive

Note: Click “Allow” on your Android device to allow the program super user authorization when an app Superuser Request pops up.

Start to Scan Your Device and Preview Messages

At this step, the software will scan and recognize your Android device. Keep in mind that this program will scan the phone's memory, SIM and SD card, all of your files will be scanned and be organized in a tree structure with details, you can preview the text messages with date and time, and then select the messages you want and start to export.

preview text messages

Specify Output Location and Ready to Export

This is a final step, what you need to do is specify a output location to save your messages, select the "All SMS" or "Inbox" and hit the "Backup" button to start to export, All the select messages will be saved on your computer as .XLS format, you can easily edit them.

free download windows version

free download windows version



Write in the End:

Although Samsung galaxy, note 3 is not currently the biggest crossover smart phone on the market, it has accumulated a good reputation and established its market position with the cross-border wave. The star’s flagship product will be launched all over the world before long. Should we have basic knowledge of Samsung galaxy, we would know why it has been so hot. It is a smart phone with a collection of entertainment, study and business functions. What is the most incredible is that the s pen of the star doesn’t only have the function of drawing; it also can control the entire page of galaxy like a baton such as adding commonly function icon to the desktop, browsing the web pages chatting and typing. It’s why we believe the Samsung galaxy will lead the trend of mobile industry. Learn more: Vibosoft Android Manager.

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