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Backup and Restore Data from Hard Disk/ USB Drive

Vibosoft released an advanced but Free Data Backup for Windows that can protect your data from partial or total loss. Such as computer crash, disk failure and accidental deletion. It automates the backup process saving you time, compresses the data to save storage space in zip format, also it can restore your data from backup effectively and fully.

  • Backup important files, folders, mails, volumes, application and more...
  • Make identical copy of any volume and backup hard disk to a partition images
  • Effectively compress data to reduce the size of the image files.
  • Completely restore partitions from image files without data loss.
Supported OS: Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista and 2003 Go to Data Backup for Mac >>>
Version 2.2.6

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Take a look at Vibosoft Free Data backup. It is free and works very well. I have used it and am currently using it to backup some data from a image to a USB.

----- Kevin

With this program, I have backup some files and folders to my DVD, and backup the system image to USB flash drive, it's very easy to use and effective way!

----- Charles
Why Choose Vibosoft Free Data Backup



The application can backup files, folders, partitions and complete disk images. It offers recovery options, cloning, disk wiping, image integrity checks and a scheduler. Without doubt one of the most popular and feature rich backup programs for the Windows operating system.All in all an excellent software program to backup files on the Windows operating system.

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Create any Valued Data Backup to All Device

Vibosoft Free Data Backup software has the ability to save valuable time and money when you need to backup the data to a single server, or portable hard drive.You can transfer backups via e-mail.It is very important to create a backup of your valued data in case of your computer crash or power failure when you run your data.

  • Creates backups of your files with compression in standard Zip format, it can backup data to DVD, backup to USB, backup to Card or flash drives.
  • The program can create zip files larger than 4Gb, Zip64 format supported.
  • The program always saves the data processing to a log file, so you never lose the results you can backup and explore it at any time. It's one of the best backup solution for desktop and laptop computers for your business or personal use.

Backup Windows System / Applications / Files.

Vibosoft Free Windows 7 Data Backup software can completely make a copy of system partition, backup all partitions of your portable devices and clone entire hard disk or USB drive. What's more, it can also effectively and selectively backup various of data types, like: photos, videos, audios, office document and software application.

  • Two Backup Mode: Bacup system partition and File backup.
  • Selectively backup lots of data: music, photos,document, app.etc.
  • Create a copy of system, partition, flash drive and Card without lossing data


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Restore Backup Data Fastly

This Data Backup Free program not only can create a copy for your Data, it also offers flexible option to restore your Backup data fast, and anybody can be a backup administrator. Restore files and folders, volumes to any required point-in-time. With the help of powerful backup tool, you caneasily restore the backup image file to the original location with accurate folder structure or to a completely new position.

  • Restore any of your backup data to the specified position.
  • Partition restores – restore partition backup, system files
  • Restore backup from your portable devices, USB drive and Card



Powerful Data Compression Capability

It's hard to find a program that backup data and compresses data more quickly, efficiently and free. Vibosoft Free Data Backup software offers users a totally new approach in performing data backup operations,you can backup some partition which are not used or whole partition, or only backup the used block of a partition. Vibosoft used advanced logical compression technology to reduce the size of the image file; the compression method depends intrinsically on the type of data to be compressed, built-in two ways to compress the data during the backup process.

  • Two compression mode: BZip2 compress and GZip compress.
  • You can store image file in a file or split image file in chunks.
  • View backup log in real-time.

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